Buying A Home

Whether it’s your first time, second time, or investment property it can be an exciting process. Of course the process isn’t easy but we are connected to some of the best realtors in your town. When you connect with our sales agent know that you are understood, important, valued, and in safe reliable hands. Allowing us to be apart of helping your dreams become a reality is one of the most rewarding and gratifying feelings our realtors enjoy.


Listing your rentals with us is beneficial for both homeowners and tenant. We’re helping to promote your vacancies and create a match between both parties. Homeowners can look through potential renters and ween out who fits the character of the apartment rental. Our site connects to people all around the world, so what does that mean for your rental MORE EXPOSURE… We do not charge a fee for listing, so feel free to fill out an inquiry or email us on how to get started with advertisement for your unit.


Residential Appraisals  

Our appraisers work for many types of clients who have different uses for an appraisal. Appraisers perform valuation services competently, impartial and objective. Lenders use appraisers to develop opinions of property value for mortgages and investments. Buyers along with sellers hire appraisers before they buy and sell, or exchange property. Clients may also need appraisers for their credible valuable opinion on property for lawsuits, divorces, bankruptcies, estates, insurance claims, and zoning changes. If you’re interested in inquiring about our appraisal process please fill out the inquiry box or send us an email.

Title Closer  

Our independent title closers also called closing agent represent the title/abstract company by gathering all relevant document and insures that the buyer is receivinging good and clear title and the lender is the only lien holder on the property. Title Closers are the extra pair of eyes needed at a closing to make sure everyone is protected and any informational or clerical errors are resolved. Please fill out the inquiry box or email for further info.

Short Sales

When a house is in preforeclosure or financial distress and the lender agrees to a net amount which is less than the amount owed. Direct negotiations are made with the lender to settle the sale of the property. This transaction benefits both buyer and seller, it allows the bank to avoid repossessing the home by foreclosure, which can be costly and time-consuming. The seller benefits by avoiding negative credit in the credit report which can be damaging.

New Development

are being built all over the states and in many cities close to you. We’re hoping to provide a direct connect for viewers and subscribers to have first access to purchase condominiums or newly built rental units. Why not live in the new developments in the most attractive cities in America.

Low Income Affordable Housing

 we would never forget about the clients who work hard everyday and deserve affordable housing, please click this link and fill out the application for housing in your city.