Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Wintering Tips



Exterior Maintenance

Check your roof for signs of damage or potential leaks, depending on the type of weather you have chances of leaking are possible. When snow accumulates of the roof it can cause leaking as it starts to melt.
Clean gutters/ water drainage
Inspect driveways, and patio for cracks
Purchase shovels, racks, heavy duty garbage bags, and salt for melting snow.
Check water drainage
Trim landscaping
Inspect trees the last things you want in the middle of a storm is trees falling on the lawn, your house, the roof, on wiring, or passerbyers
Check garage doors, and windows for insulation, reinforce doors, and fences/gates that show signs of looseness or rotting.
Service sprinklers and irrigation systems
Stock up on firewood

Interior Maintenance

Check your electrical systems and look for signs of wear and tear, then replace if necessary. Electrical fires are high in the winter season.
You should keep your home heated at a minimum of 65-70 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing.
When temperature outside is freezing turn on faucets throughout the bathroom and kitchen, allow them to drip to prevent pipes from freezing up.
Insulate pipes that pass through areas that are unheated.
Check furnace for heating, test for leaks, heating efficiency, and change filters.
Check carbon monoxide for air safety, buy extra filters and change them every few months.
Test all home safety devices, such as smoke detector and fire extinguisher.
Clean humidifier
Check your basement for mold
Winterize air conditioners cover them up
I always recommend buying generators you can find them pretty reasonable at Home Depot.
Stock up on batteries all sizes, purchase extension cords, flashlights, and candles.