Purchasing a Home in the Fall

I’ve worked in real estate many years, and sold a fair amount of homes in the fall season. Purchasing a home in the fall can be very beneficial for both seller and buyer. In September things are calm after the summer buyers have purchased, and closed on their new homes. Buyers who couldn’t find the perfect house in the summer are pushing to purchase before the holidays. A couple of good reasons a buyer may want to purchase a home in the fall is to see the quality and characteristics of a home. With the cool brisk air taking over you will immediately notice the heating system within the home, a seller agent may not go in depth about the heating system when showing a property in the spring/summer seasons unless it’s a newly renovated home. In the fall you get to actually feel how warm the house is, you can check to see if its a forced air system which are very common type of heating systems, and include furnaces and heaters. Boilers are special purpose water heaters, they work like furnaces, except they heat water instead of air, and pass through radiators. To list a few other heating systems a home may have: heat pump, gas-fired space heater, fireplaces, and electric space-heaters.

While doing a walk through you should inspect the windows, feel for drafts around the window that will give you an idea about the insulation, you can ask the seller agent/ homeowner the last time windows were replaced. Fall is the season for hurricanes, tornadoes, and lots of rain look at the ceilings for water stains that will give you a clear indication of leaks in the roof, or water drainage. Ask to turn on the chimney and fireplace to see if they work, check basements for signs of flooding, mildew, and mold.

While walking the property grounds pay attention to the yard landscaping. Notice the trees, yard space, and sidewalks because as the season changes the leaves will fall, giving you a lot of weekend yard work of raking leaves. Yard work, landscaping, cutting grass and cleaning snow are things to keep in the back of your mind. Depending on the township you move in they can have strict rules and fines for not cutting/trimming your grass. Go Figure…… But the concerns I listed above can give your buyer agent room to negotiate the sale price of the property. GOOD LUCK HOME BUYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!